Fabric Installations


This upholstered silk wall is a giant headboard wall for the master suite.  It has a projector overhead for a drop down screen and great acoustical properties for surround sound. 






This is a upholstered silk master bedroom. This antebellum home reflects aristocratic comfort while removing the undesirable acoustics of plaster walls.


The Vinings Club projects a quiet comfortable environment for it's members.  With upholstered walls everywhere, members can converse privately even in a crowded room. 







The private meeting room above and the dining room below provide a quiet refined atmosphere.

small study

You can do a lot with fabrics. Master bedrooms and dining rooms are the most popular, but fabric works anywhere you want beauty and the accoustical qualities. This picture is of a small computer study that is quiet and comfy now because of the upholstered walls. The same customer wanted this old family trunk upholstered for a showpiece.



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