The Time Machine

The most expensive element of any job is the installer's time.

Time spent traveling (not to mention the gas!) to measure routine jobs does not produce income.

Time spent returning to put up a few pieces because the job was short-ordered is lost income.

Time consuming square footage figuring makes you look like an amateur!

The Wallcovering Calculator more than pays for itself the first time you don't have to make a trip to measure!

The Wallcovering Calculator is a Time Machine for anyone who sells or installs wallcoverings. You can tell clients how much paper to order over the phone. No unnecessary trips to measure small jobs.

Who needs the Wallcovering Calculator?

How will the Wallcovering Calculator help me?

Estimate rolls of wallcovering in just 2 seconds!

Now you can figure for wallcoverings faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Just dial the perimeter of your room on The Wallcovering Calculator and you get the correct number of rolls for American and European rolls as well as 54" yard goods....instantly! Estimate from blueprints or plans easily! Estimate accurately over the phone!

See the Calculator!

You can order the Wallcovering Calculator thru PayPal 

or by sending $9.95 for each unit desired to:

Walter Green  3550 Ulster Lane  Marietta, GA  30066. The postage is included.

Don't forget, The Wallcovering Calculator is a tax-deductible professional tool!

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