What is an Ebook?

    An Ebook is an electronic book.  It comes across your computer as a file you can download and it opens when you click on it.  When it opens you have a complete book with all the chapters and information set up just like a paper book.  

    The advantages to an ebook are many. Saving paper and natural resources, not to mention the pollutants that are created to make paper and inks are the main thing, but ebooks offer speed and convenience like never before.  You get the book immediately.   No burning gas, rubber, and time to get to book stores and hope they have what you want. 

    You get instant gratification, downloading at the speed of light.  You can read it on any computer at your convenience.  The beauty of an ebook is that it gives you a permanent copy of the information you want without the hassle of a paper book.  You can store it on your computer.  This makes your reference collection highly portable, more affordable to update, and you don't have to buy furniture to store it. 

    I understand the love of books.  I've bought thousands of them and I have libraries of outdated books that I have not touched in decades.  They will go to the Goodwill Store.  Every day hundreds of people discover ebooks and realize that ebooks will be the future of publishing.  The advantages are just too good to pass up.

    Most people think you must buy an ebook reader to read ebooks NOT TRUE!  The software for reading on your computer is easily downloadable from Amazon and other sites.  I do not own an ebook reader and I have several ebooks published.   You can get the software here: 




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