The Joy of Paperhanging is the best e-book on beginner paperhanging in the world today.  OK, OK so it's the ONLY e-book on beginner paperhanging in the world today.  Still, it is a fantastic resource for the DIY paperhanger.  Yes, the book is loaded with professional level information, but it is not written with the professional in mind.  This e-book is for the Do-It-Yourself paperhanger. You are led through the paperhanging process from both general and specific approaches.  There is more information on method and technique than anyone would ever need to know unless they were interested in a career in paperhanging.  You will discover many professional trade practices in this e-book.     

Table of ContentsThe Joy of Paperhanging
Design Tips
How Long is a Roll?
Runs and Dye Lots
"Where's the Match?"
Nightmare Number Nine
How Much do you REALLY Need?
The Right Tools
Wall Preparation
Sanding, Patching, & Cleaning
Hanging in a Nutshell
Types of Wallcoverings
Tricks of the Trade

     The goal of the book is to provide professional guidance to the novice installer.  If you read the Table of Contents above you will see the scope of this ebook is broader than just hanging paper. 
     You will find chapters on correct wall preparation.  This includes the difference between priming and sizing as well as stripping and liners.  The chapter on Types of Wallcoverings covers more wallcovering products than some professionals have installed. 
     Design Tips is invaluable if you are not sure how to choose your wallcovering.  The Tricks of the Trade chapter will make several tasks easier for you and if you have a ceiling to do, you're going to love the Ceilings chapter.
     As you can see from the Table of Contents, there is a chapter on just about everything the amateur paperhanger would need to know (and more) for their first paperhanging project.  There are also links to even more help as well as contacts for those who may be considering a career in paperhanging.  This resource is just 99 cents!

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