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My name is Walter Green and I am a paperhanger.  No, not the slang type, but the legal kind.  I have been putting beautiful materials on walls for decades and I wanted to share that experience with you.  I designed this site to help you with your wall covering projects.  You will find help here if you want to install your own wallcoverings, you will find advice and tips from other professional installers, and if you don't have time to do it yourself, you can call me.  Just click on the picture to find out all about me and see some of my jobs. 


Tellus Museum

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And of course, just about any wall covering you can imagine from pre-pasted to exotic materials.


The Joy of Paperhanging is a 99 cent ebook for the "Do It Yourself" paperhanger.  Just click on the picture and it will take you to the book.  Enjoy!


The Pro View The Pro View: The Business of Paperhanging
This a compilation of top-quality professional-level information for aspiring paperhangers.  This ebook is the result of thirty years of professional experience.  You can benefit from my hard won experience for just a few minutes and a few dollars.  I think it is the bargain of a lifetime and I think you will too.  














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The Wallcovering Calculator is a Time Machine for anyone who sells or installs wallcoverings. With just the room size, you can tell clients how much paper to order over the phone. No unnecessary trips to measure small jobs.


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